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"Not Just Truffles but a Wonderful Chocolate Experience!"

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It is with great pleasure that we offer you the finest quality truffles available. You will not find artificial flavors, colors, waxes,overly sweet or dull tasting chocolates.

You will experience fresh truffles with rich flavor.Your palate, heart and soul will rejoice, as your teeth sink through the crisp mirror like outer shell and glide through the silky smooth ganache center.

Our ganache is a blend of pure BelgIan chocolate, fresh cream, sweet butter and subtle natural flavors.

Our truffles come in two sizes, Classic and Grande. The Classic, (two bite), 20 gram 7/8 oz. and the Grande, (four bite), 30 gram 1 1/4 oz. To peruse our collections please click on one of the links to the left, selecting Classic or Grande Collection